Heath Camp


Today were on a health camp –  a team of doctors, nurses and volunteers at a Hindu festival where anyone who needed medical care could come see a doctor and get medication for free. We saw lots of interresting cases that you wouldn’t see at home – for instance an old hindu man who put tobaco into a deep cronic wound on his foot in order to keep flies away from flying into it. Here are some pictures of the event.

Random tree at the side of the road
Most of the volunteers who attended the event. Doctors, nurses, medical students, etc.
We travelled to the holy river with this bus
First glimpse og the holy river
Second glimpse og the holy river.

The guru of the hindus preaches about keeping the waters of the river clean. As a ritual they pour milk from 120 cows into the river during the day to keep in clean.

Close up photo – hard to get one, everone wants to get close. By the end of the day he was spraying holy water at everyone
They say this is the most holy river of Nepal. The Guru was preaching all day to keep it clean.
Helicopter was throwing flowers and 5 rupee bills at the people


Volunteer Dr. Carmel from Australia at work
Pharmacists looking for the right medicine – not easy to find

Festival – Hindu’s at the Holy river

Holy fires of Hindus
Holy ritual of fire