Chitwan Medical College Teaching Hospital


The Hospital – Compare to the picture on the website of the hospital (hospital is still under construction)


I had my first day at the hospital. Its a private hospital made for the general public of Nepal. By support from funds and organizations it is a lot cheaper than a usual Privat Hospital. I will take part in work of different departments. For now I’m going to stay at radiology taking part in X-ray imaging and evaluating Ultra Sounds as well as CT’s (mostly learning, but also helping out where I can).

Today a drunk man (known alcoholic of the area) was brought into the emergency room. He had a hard time moving around and thought it was because of his, but talking his family into a CT scan, it turned out he had a bleeding (hemorrhage) the size of a Nepali persons knuckle in the back part of his head – it caused numbness in parts of his body.
Its interesting to see, the technological facilities at the hospital is really up to date – for instance the CT-machine is of a very good quality, you never have to wait for computers and in a month or so they will even have an MRI-machine. These one-time investments are made by funds and organizations, but clearly Nepali’s can’t afford the level of hygiene you find at a western hospital. It should be mentioned though, that the most vital things are of course kept in sterile condition and the hospital is still under construction, which that doesn’t make easier to keep a clean environment.


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