Moshi Means Smoke and Its Dirty and Feels Like Home

The first week at KCMC we were introduced to the steem system of the entire hospital. This is KJ next to an underground water-conainter and -pump. The engineering department first wanted us to find out what it would cost the hospital to change the entire oil-powered system to an electrical one. We had to explan that our scope was related more to medical equipment
It may not seem so but this was part of our introduction to the hospital water-systems. The water tanks were placed on the very top and the view from there was pretty great. Its not visible here, but for a few short moments the kilimanjaro peak was actually visible.
Idara ya Waguu (=Department of feet/legs) – the orhtopaedic department of KCMC has a whole department and school for prosthetics – was actually funded by danida in the 70’s – still one of the most well funtioning departments of the hospital equipment-wise.
I fixed this incubator..
… and was very pleased with myself.
The other day we were looking for some parts in town, amongst other a screw for a stethoscope. We were testing if the stethoscope worked on the street and a group of Masaai people passed us and wanted to try. The face of a Masaai hearing his heartbeat for the first time is amazing faces were priceless.
There’s seven eleven in Moshi … They’re open 24/7 and sell Chipsy mayaii (fries w. eggs) kuku(chicken), ng’ombe(cow), mbuzi(goat) and really great ginger ale and bitter lemons.
How to fix a broken stethoscope using a piece of suction tubing, stethoscope tubing and epoxy.
Every friday afternoon there’s an aerobics class and Mawezi hospital arranged by the physiotherapy department. Unfortunately few people show up… we did abs.
The view from our office/workshop at Mawenzi hospital. Sometimes Kili is visible. But its rare.
Saturday night karaoke. We sang beyonce/halo and Backstreet boys/I want it that way.
Sunset on the way home from work. The Kili is behind me.
mboga = vegetables matunda = fruit. fikra = genius

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