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About Travelling

It’s a cliche, but it os so for a reason: Discovering places and cultures changes lives. Going to a new place, getting shocked by culture, meeting different people and different views, and finally understanding that there is not so much between us after all after all – that there is more that unifies us, than what separates us.

I believe that fundamentally we are all the same, wishing and hoping for the same things, same relations and the same love. Those are the experinces that expand your horizon. The experiences, that will make you come back with new values and changed views. That is why we travel: to create the moments, that we will never forget.

Think about yourself the last time you were in surroundings like these: Beautiful nature. Mountain tips. Sunset. Wide stretched planes and horizons. The best people you have ever met. And music.
These are the surroundings in which we have the times of our lives. The people we are with give us purpose. The music is what unifies us. Music succedes where politics and religion fails — it makes us become one.
Those experiences are what that this blog is about. Originally, I created this when I went to Nepal for the first time. My journey to stay in Nepal turned out to be the (first) adventure of my life – the journey that inspired me to always keep expanding my horizon.
 I recently commited to updating this blog weekly – but I’ll try to be more frequent than that. I’m also currently performing major updates to this blog, so feel free to provide feedback using this form,

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