Access Health Care Nepal

Access Health Care Nepal mobilises national and international medical practitioners, biomedical engineers and other health care workers to provide research for development in rural areas of Nepal. The current AHCN effort is established in three phases: 1) documenting the health care needs of rural Nepal, 2) conducting rigorous in-field medical, biomedical engineering and public health research 3) providing sustainable solutions for rural health care services and financing hereof in regions of interest.

Access Health Care Nepal (AHCN) is a dedicated and hard working team with the aim to provide health care in regions of Nepal where health care is scarce or not available at all. With AHCN our aim is to create a sustainable health care development i remote areas of Nepal by supporting its health care system and empowering its people.

We recently conducted phase 1 of our project in rural districts of Rukum. Our team consisted of Dr. Justin Jung Malla, Dr. Saujan Shreshta, MBA graduate from UK and photographer Mr. Rajkumar Silwal and myself (B.Sc Biomedical engineering).

We brought medication to treat the patients we met and equally importantly, we collected data to document the health care situation Rukum. Updates will be shared on this blog as a launching point to share our work with as many as possible.
Associates of Access Health Care Neal:
Dr. Saujan Shreshta – Doctor
Dr. Naam Hangma Limbu – Doctor
Ruby Shreshta – Doctor
Partners of Access Healthcare Nepal:

“Ever since the first time I was in Nepal, I’ve been yearning to go back and really do something for the people I met there. It might have been the parents who lived too far away to bring their sick children to a hospital before it was too late, or maybe the mothers who are in constant fear that they will become pregnant, a condition that should be joyous, but instead is all too often life-threatening in Nepal. Then there were the others, those who were left without treatment, sometimes to die, simply because the hospital was too busy on that day — or because the family couldn’t afford the necessary treatment. They died due to lack of medication, lack of equipment and lack of funds. It all comes down to a lack of access to healthcare.” – David Kovacs, co-founder of Access Health Care Nepal.

You can Support our first project in remote area Rukum at our gofundme page!
Please feel free to contact us using the form below:

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