Ert Ale David Kovacs davidkvcs Volcano Ert Ale Lava Lake

Danakil Depression

Located at 160m below see level the Danakil Depression is the lowest place on earth. It is that home of the Afar people, who go here to mine salt from the grounds. Caravans go from Afar to Mekele, the nearest larger town, where 5 kg blocks of salt are sold for 22 Ehtiopian Birr, the equivalent of just one American dollar. This area is the warmest and one of the most hostile environments anywhere in the world.

A night in September (2014) I went to the Lava Lake at Ert Ale (smokey mountain). The following I had the chance to see the salt lake, the sulphur lake, the oil lake and the salt miners of the Danakil. These are incredible sights.

On the way back down from Ert Ale – and waterfalls:

The Salt lake:

The Sulphur Lake:

The Salt Mountain, The Oil Lake and Salt Miners:

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