Sri Satya Sai Bal Ashram

The Sri Satya Sai Bal Ashram is an orphanage just 15 minutes walk away from the CMCTH (the hospital we worked at). A total of 14 girls live there and they are nourished and raised by one amazing woman who just called ama (which means mother in Nepali). The girls absolutely adorable in every way; they have great manners, they love to study and will tell you a lot about their books and what they are learning at school, they are always playful and even the small ones (they are aged 3-13 yrs) spead english at an impressive level.

In december the entire group of volunteers in Chitwan gathered to make a kitchen garden at the orphanage. Largely the work cosisted of cleaning the ground of plastic and other trash. Impressively we managed to tightly fill out three large bags with trash we had manually been digging out of the ground.



Everything grew beautifully in the garden which was a suprise to some of us – considering the amount of trash we had removed just 1.5 months before we were thinking that the earth was maybe too polluted for anything to grow in it.



IMG_2244Ama was and is still conscientiously watering the crops every day. We had succesfully made a kitchen garden at the orphanage with potato, kauli flower, corn, onion, garlic, tomato others that I don’t even remember the name of. This was really a project that the vounteers can be proud of!

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