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Arriving in Nepal

Finally I’ve arrived in Nepal, right now writing from Hotel Excelsior in Thamel, the tourist centre of Kathmandu.
I was picked up at the airport by Nepali projects abroad staff and brought to the hotel where care & teaching coordinator Waise gave us (2 fellow volunteers and myself) a thorough induction about probably everything we need to know, among them some cultural differences, some of which are quite interesting, say even shocking; in Nepal it’s okay to kick away dogs (though this makes some sense knowing that many of them carry diseases), its normal to see a woman carrying a heavy jar on her head with her husband walking behind her doing nothing, and the use of violence to discipline your children is quite normal (not to say that everyone does this – I wouldn’t know).
After the induction we went out to see the “Monkey Temple” – with the amazing experience of the way taxies drive hastily through the small crowded streets.






There you go – some monkey tower pictures (more to come). Tomorrow I’m off to Chitwan, currently looking very much forward to meeting the family I’m going to live with.