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AHCN #8 – Meeting with the Local Development Officer of Rukum

Before proceeding to Rukumkot, we had a meeting with Mr. Bharat Sharma, the Local Development Officer of Rukum, to talk about the health care needs of the district, and about and how AHCN and possibly also EWH could help the region. We agreed with Mr. Bharat Sharma to arrange a visit to the Salle Bajjar District Hospital that very same day (post about the visit coming up tomorrow). Furthermore Mr. Bharat Sharma ensured that it would be possible to bring EWH volunteers to the region and we agreed to collaborate in phase 2 and 3 of the AHCN effort in Rukum.

On the Toad to Chitwan and My Chitwan Family

Panorama at Busstop on the road to Chitwan
Morning tea and Nepali newspaper at the bus


On the other side of the road…



Today I met my host family in Chitwan after a long and bumpy bus trip. My hosts are Krishna Dhakal, his wife Narmali, daughters Nikita (12) and Kritika (7) and son Nikit (3). Everyday morning and evening they have a meal and tea ready for me. Nikita is great at English – her pronunciation is better that her fathers, so her help is often needed.